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Houghton, in western New York, the University of Alberta in Edmonton and the University of Chicago, before heading to Houghton again for a doctorate of letters, and to Northwestern for a doctorate of laws.
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The Word Biblical Commentary series emphasizes the analysis of textual, linguistic, structural, and theological evidence, providing judicious and balanced insight into textual meaning.

II Kings: A Commentary. Helpfully Murphy detailed contributions of new commentaries and. The saying is scoring a moral point: honesty over lying. Brief comments on text with primary focus on modern application. Huntingdon College is a college of the United Methodist Church. Bible is the word of God in a manner that no other literature is. The Canon in Early Christianity.

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See above under Craigie. Very illuminating resource for understanding background to book. The Ancient Near East: Historical Sources in Translation. The New Testament is deeply involved in such explanation. Interest in grammatical and literary structure and features. God, how to seek forgiveness for sins, and how to advance spiritually.

Christ in a similar way. And the New Testament manifests a diversity of christologies. Very detailed study of Hebrew text with helpful appendices. An Evangelical and masterful study of all aspects of exegesis. Strong on background to social institutions and customs. What he says may be correct, but he certainly has not proved it. This brings up another issue. See above under Zechariah.

OT or NT issues. Please login or register with De Gruyter to order this product. For the Glory of God: Recovering a Biblical Theology of Worship. Standard of the last generation, heir of the Albright school. So where does the Christian idea of messiahship come from? It is not present in the earliest apocalypses, including Daniel. Christ and with each other.

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The broad stance of our contributors can rightly be called evangelical, and this term is to be understood in its positive, historic sense of a commitment to Scripture as divine revelation, and to the truth and power of the Christian gospel.

Murphy captures the excitement of her undertaking, showing that for Meyers, her husband, Eric, and their children, archaeology is a family affair.

An excellent introduction to different aspects of a literary approach by a seasoned practioner.


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