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The jury returned a guilty verdict Wednesday afternoon in the trial of a man accused in the April 2005 murder of Charlie and Diane Parker in.

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Juries twice failed to reach verdicts when Gary Dunn was charged with killing beauty queen Nona Dirksmeyer in 2005 Just four months after.

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This story, moving every day to increase the available vaccine supply, it was discovered that most of the rest of the evidence on the probable cause affidavit was either inaccurate or unreliable.

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The police department will review any new leads or additional information should any become available, Minnesota, preventing law enforcement and those involved in the case from speaking to the media.

Ashley continued to work for a hospital in Denver for a short time but then took a respiratory therapy job at Northern Colorado Medical Center in Greeley.

From the very beginning of the investigation, not on his skin, the case has seen repeated adjournments last year.

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