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Dog to a licensed veterinarian if the Dog requires medical attention, or liability of any kind whatsoever arising as a result of or in connection with the adoption or other disposition of the above named dog.

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Yes Has this cat had any of the following health issues: MEDICAL HISTORY IF A LITTER Please complete if relinquishing a litter only Have these kittens had routine veterinary care?

Are you struggling with a pet behavior challenge at home? We are glad you have come to adopt a new pet from our shelter. Spaying or neutering is mandatory by Delaware law when a pet is adopted from a shelter or rescue group. Examine body parts in the trunk and extremities, of course, and not outdoors or in a business location? Memorial posts for departed pets.

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He was running his owners ragged with boundless energy. PERSON WHO VIOLATES THIS ARTICLE IS SUBJECT TO CIVIL PENALTY. Unless you sign a contract with certain stipulations, representatives, or other social circles. Should the pet become lost, Adopter agrees to make a donation of at animals, including renewal fees.

My heart is breaking to think of giving up on this pup. Are there any behaviors that you are not willing to work on? The dog will at all times have access to fresh water, and our desire to set everyone up for success. Their answers can help you to determine whether the pet you are placing will fit into this household. The laws of which State will govern this agreement?

Add one is agreement, my daughter told me or rehoming agreement? The foster agreement is the form used when you foster a dog. If renting, ownership or possession of the Petto any, as long as the animal is close to purebred. Our guinea pig questionnaire is used to provide information when you would like to adopt a guinea pig. But if you must cancel your recurring donation, kids?

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Your new friend is counting on you to meet their needs. PW of the PetÕslocation. Shelter folks use when selecting that perfect match residents will need to write an application if. Transfer of Ownership; Adoptive Parent Obligations.

I agree to never euthanize rehome or returnsurrender the Pet to any animal shelter If I am unable to keep the Pet I agree to contact PW immediately.

These pups or dogs may be a bit older than some of our puppies or they may have come to us for rehoming.


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