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Actually, waves are energy passing through the water, which makes the water to move in a circular motion.

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Because of its enormous size, the Pacific is home to a colorful collection of sea creatures, from killer whales to dugongs, and giant squids to tiny sea slugs.

See also Adaptation, Human systems, Mitigation and Risk management.

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Governance does not only include establishing institutions such as laws or policies, but also their implementation, enforcement and monitoring.

Such engagement carries substantial reputational risks for scientists but represents another opportunity to influence current trajectories of ocean use and degradation.

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Project Nekton, a series of dives meant to test the viability of using manned craft at extreme depths to study marine life and how temperature, pressure and sound interact at great depths, among other scientific questions.

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The meridian through any particular place or observer, serving as the reference for local time, is called local meridian, in contrast with the Greenwich meridian, the reference for Greenwich time.

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Considering much of the ocean is undiscovered, it kind of makes you want to dive right in and explore it.

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