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    Sen Ted Cruz R-Texas is aiming to highlight the role Antifa and like-minded groups are playing in riots across the country convening a Senate hearing.

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    Terrorism experts find the push to designate Antifa a domestic terrorist organization puzzling in part because no such formal designation exists.

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    There's no statute or legal authority that allows the president to deem the domestic group a terrorist organization experts say and Antifa is not.

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    A petition on the White House website asking that Antifa be labeled a terrorist group has gotten over 250000 signatures blowing past the required 100000.

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    Members of the Great Lakes anti-fascist organization Antifa fly flags during a protest against the alt-right outside a hotel in Warren Mich March.

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    If the Trump administration were to designate Antifa as a foreign terrorist organization and the designation survived judicial review then joining.

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    Some of its violent actions - and the musings of the president - notwithstanding Antifa is not a terrorist group In fact it's not a group at all but.

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On Sunday President Trump tweeted that the United States will be declaring Antifa a terrorist organization in response to the ongoing civil. President Trump announced Sunday that the US government will designate the far-left group Antifa as a designated terrorist organization. As overlapping crises convulse an anxious nation Trump seeks to cast blame for widespread protests gripping cities on radical-left anarchists. The president tweeted that the US would make the designation It would likely be challenged in court.