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MMD was changed, along with the area in the middle which I left in which indicated your rating, license and qualifications, unless it was so many qualifications that it was also typed on the back of the license.
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UNITED STATES COAST GUARD RENEWAL INFORMATION AND APPLICATION PAGE THE PDF FILES HERE for you to download the ones needed to renew or update your license Merchant Marine Document.

Search for another form here. PO Box is not acceptable. DOT qualified, they are eligible to legitimately receive DOT drug tests from a SAMHSA accredited lab. The Medical Practitioner is not required to perform or witness the vision and hearing examinations. The type, frequency and dates of past offenses are considered in whether you will be issued a license.

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Even multiple convictions not placed on this rule eliminates the medical license form does have medical

Code of Federal Regulations: www. Remove the new sticker from its backing and press it into place on the License Page of your MMC. Make sure you have everything in order before you send this to the Regional Exam Center of your choice. Include a CBC with reticulocyte count, electrophoresis in cases of thalassemia and hemoglobinopathies.

Provide a primary phone number. MMC held, including Cadet MMC. Rec at an environmental aspect and an applicable legal requirements, download the cancelled credential. Proof of identity shall consist of one current form of valid government issued photo identification. Once approved, the mariner could then schedule the exam at the REC or even at remote locations.

Holter monitor are required. Update it below and resend. If you decide to go to your own doctor, make sure they are able to perform the vision and hearing tests. To renew your captains license, you will need to fill out this section with the following steps. You medical license renewal paperwork is uscg license renewal medical form is uscg license renewal.

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List USA for all US citizens. The subject line of your email must be: Last name, First name, Middle name, mariner reference number. This should be a key point for our Association and our individual mariners for obvious reasons.

Validity of uscg drug test form does not impede you through the application packet by uscg license renewal medical form to the williams lantern test.

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